Steel Rule Dies

The steel rule cutting die is essential to the performance of your packaging. A high quality, properly manufactured, steel rule cutting die can also make a huge difference in regard to production of your packaging. Mark Trèce is an industry leader and we use state of the art technology to offer a completely digital workflow in our steel rule cutting die manufacturing.

Combo Laser

All of our dies are produced using the highest quality laser technology and raw materials available. Regardless of which facility handles your order; you can rest assured your tooling is being produced with the most productive, tightest tolerance, and most consistent equipment in the industry.

Automated Benders

Mark/Trèce offers a completely digital workflow – from order entry to rubber, your file is used to produce all parts of the die to exacting tolerance. We don’t just “process” the rule for our dies. All of our rule is BENT on automated benders allowing us unmatched quality, repeatability and turnaround times.

Water Jet

Get the performance you deserve from your dies. Our 5-Axis water jet
allow us to custom cut rubber for every die ensuring that even those tough areas strip away each and every time without having to sacrifice production speed.